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How to Set up ConvertKit Integration?

Sweet! You're building an integration with ConvertKit. We're thrilled that you want to add-on to our platform. But before you dive in and start slinging code, let's talk about the best way to integrate with ConvertKit.


All API calls require the api_key parameter. You can find your API Key in the ConvertKit Account page.

How to get you ConvertKit API Key?

1. Open a browser tab and Log In to your ConvertKit Account.

2. Click on your avatar in top right corner. Then click on Settings.

3. Scroll down to the “Advanced” section.

4. Click it and API Key will appear.


1. To obtain your ConvertKit Form ID you need to navigate to your Account's Forms. You can do that by clicking the "Forms" option in your ConvertKit account's main menu.

2. Once you are there, find the form you are interested in. Click it and Edit.

3. You can located the ConvertKit form and noting the numeric ID in the address bar (url).

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