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How to increase your sales and conversion?

It is not a secret that selling more products and generating more revenue will always be on the top of every business owner's to-do list. In order to make this happen, there are many things you can do - from enhancing your product quality to implementing cutting edge marketing strategies. But what if I told you that some of them might require a little bit more work? Is it worth it? Absolutely! So, without further ado let's get straight to the point.

Make sure your product is in stock

Going back to one of the most basic things - make sure your store is well stocked. If you are planning on running a sale in order to drive more revenue, make sure you have enough products to sell. Not only that this will increase customer satisfaction but also decrease your return rate (if there are some back ordered items in your store).

A sure way to lose customers and ruin your business reputation is by promising certain items and then failing to deliver them. Moreover, if they are backordered it will make things even worse as the customer might not come back until those products are available. But now you can avoid all of this with Shoplo!

Use a catchy headline to grab the reader's attention

Another valuable tip to increase your sales and improve conversion rate is by using catchy headlines. Think of it like this - if you have a store that sells men's clothes, the headline "5 best leather jackets for winter" will be more effective than just "best leather jackets". Moreover, users these days consume information in a very different way. So, how do they usually take in new information? They read headlines, bullet points and short chunks of text.

Create a sense of urgency by telling them that there are only limited quantities left

If you're planning on running a flash sale, make sure there are limited quantities available. This will definitely increase customer's impulse and motivate him to purchase faster instead of thinking about it all day long.

Include testimonials from happy customers or celebrities who use your product

Having positive reviews is another great marketing strategy that will definitely improve your conversion rate. Statistics show that the number of online users who are willing to buy a product after reading user comments is over 62%. This proves how big of an impact they have on user's purchasing decisions.

Give free shipping and return policies 

Being the owner of a successful e-commerce business, you probably already know that shipping and return policies are crucial to increase your conversion rate. As much as you want to attract as many customers as possible, this will create a bad user experience if those people don't bother to read all of your policies. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing an item, checking out - only to realize that you're stuck with it.

And don't forget - even though return policies are extremely important for your conversion rate, offering free shipping can do wonders if you want to increase your revenue. Statistics show that users who purchase products online are more likely to make additional purchases if their shipping fee is waived or minimized.

Offer discounts for first-time customers with coupon codes on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Running a deal or offering some kind of discount will likewise increase your sales - especially if you have new customers who don't know much about your business. Therefore, in order to attract all of their attention, offer them a coupon code on social media with a requirement to input it when checking out. In this way, not only they'll get the item they wanted at a lower price but also they'll be more likely to visit your website again in the future.

When it comes to increasing your sales and conversion, you have a lot of options. We hope the list we provided gives you some ideas for how to make sure your product is in stock, create a catchy headline that grabs the reader's attention, include testimonials from happy customers or celebrities who use your product, offer free shipping and return policies as well as discounts for first-time customers with coupon codes on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Which of these tips has helped increase sales at your company? Let us know in the comments below.

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