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4 ways to increase your ecommerce business's sales by 20% in a week

If you're looking to increase your sales by 20% in a week, this blog is for you. We'll cover 4 vital tips that will help you increase your ecommerce business's sales quickly and easily. One way is to offer discounts on customer purchases. This could be done through an 'offers' section of their website or through targeted emails that are sent out periodically with special offers only for customers who subscribe and opt-in from time-to-time via email signup forms. Another tip is listen closely to your customers, are they looking for something specific? Do they have problems or complaints? Try to fix it personally. We all know how important it is to give your customers what they want, this way you can keep them coming back! Another tip is to try and add much more detail on your products; people like knowing exactly what they're buying. If you have any videos, add them, and make sure they are of the highest quality. A little tip that can go a long way is to try and increase your anchor text in all your backlinks. This will look more natural than just one or two words repeated over and over again. Just remember that you cannot use duplicate content if you plan on increasing traffic via SEO, so you'll need to find a different way to increase your traffic. Another way is try and focus on creating more high quality content for your ecommerce business, with this it's still important to keep in mind the keywords that people are searching for and see if you can include them in your content. You can go without using any of these titles, the image can carry your message and still grab people's attention. All of these are proven to work, but it is up to you to put them in place!

Use social media to promote your products

Social media marketing is a great method for reaching lots of people, but it's important to know how best to use the different platforms. You may find that Twitter works best while you might discover Facebook has more benefits for your business. It takes some time for businesses to achieve success with social media marketing, so give yourself plenty of time before expecting quick results. You can get yourself started off by creating social media accounts and sharing your first items or blog posts on them. Follow people who might be interested in your products, make sure you interact regularly with customers to build up trust, and don't forget to ask for feedback on their experience!

Offer free shipping for orders over $100

Free shipping is a great benefit to offer customers, particularly if you're an ecommerce business shipping thousands of items. Not only will it encourage people to spend more money with you, but it also cuts down on the customer's stress of having to pay for delivery. This way they're just keeping track of one charge instead of two or three. You can choose to waive the standard delivery fee, or forgo it completely and offer free shipping on every item.

Have a sale on all items in the store

Running a sale is the perfect opportunity to get rid of any excess inventory you might have laying around, while also getting people excited about buying your products. Plus if the items are sold at a discounted rate, it's easy for customers to buy more than one item! Make sure that when you run a sale, you highlight the reasons why these items are on sale, whether it is because they need to be cleared out of the warehouse or that the season has ended. It's better to communicate with customers so you don't end up discounting something that was already priced low.

Sponsor a giveaway with prizes like gift cards, t-shirts, or other merchandise from your store

A giveaway is a great way to attract new customers, although you'll need to have quite a bit of inventory on hand in order for this strategy to work. First ask for people to sign up for your store's newsletter before running the giveaway, then just choose random winners and ship their prizes out! It might be tempting to set the bar as low as possible in order to make sure you get more entries, but this is only going to hurt your reputation and lead people to automatically dismiss your ecommerce business. You can also test out asking for reviews of your products or even running an Instagram promotion before the giveaway starts to boost your odds of getting new customers!

Our goal is to help you find new ways to increase your ecommerce business's sales by 20% in a week. Did any of these methods work for you? Let us know and we'll share the results with our readers. We're always looking for creative ways that small businesses can drive more traffic, conversions, and revenue. For example, did you know that having an online store on Facebook could have helped boost your website visits by up to 50%? If social media isn't working very well for you or if it feels like too much effort, let us take care of all the details! You don't need another app clogging up your phone when there are so many other things competing for people’s attention span, so we've made sure to design our platform in a way that's simple and easy to understand.

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