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How to use Shopify content upgrades?

Have you ever tried a content upgrade on your Shopify store? Content upgrades are a great way to provide more value to your customers and help them find the product they're looking for. What is a content upgrade? A content upgrade is an additional piece of valuable information that can be added onto products or pages as an "upgrade" from the basic purchase. In this blog, we will cover how to use these awesome features with your Shopify store!

What are content upgrades and what do they do?

There are several different types of content upgrades that you can use to help bring in more traffic and increase your Shopify store's revenue. There are four main types of content upgrades: text, images, apps, and videos. First let's talk about what each upgrade does for your store.

Text : This is the most commonly used content upgrade in Shopify stores. When customers are purchasing a product they can choose to add an additional few sentences about your store or products onto their order. There will be text boxes next to certain items, like "custom engraving" for example, where customers can type what they would like added onto their order.

If customers add this, the text will show up on their receipt after purchasing the product. This is a great way to gain more social proof for your business and inspire future purchases! 

Image : If you have images of different products in your store then you might want to try offering an additional image with each product or collection that you sell. This can be an image of your product in use or a brand logo. The customer just has to select the option next to the product they are purchasing and then upload their own image onto that section for you!

Apps : Apps are great because they allow for more engagement with your customers while they are on your site. You can offer an add-on for things such as live chat, reviews, and social scheduling. This is a great way to make your customer service more efficient while also providing discounts or free shipping offers!

Videos : Videos are one of the best content upgrades to use if you sell physical products on your Shopify store. Video content can be helpful when it comes to helping customers understand how your product works and what it does. Videos can also help show customers the features of your products and let them see you and your team in action!

How to create a content upgrade?

There are several different ways to create content upgrades. The easiest way is to use the Shopify content upgrade app found in the Shopify app store. This will allow you to easily manage your content upgrades so that you don't have to constantly update your product pages.

You can also create your own content upgrade by following these simple steps:

1. Go to your Shopify admin and select the product you would like to add a content upgrade for.

2. Scroll down until you see "Upgrades" and click on "+Add new upgrade".

3. Now that you've clicked on "+Add new upgrade", fill in all of your information for this specific content upgrade (title, description, lead-in text).

4. For each of your upgrades select whether you want this to be available for all products or just specific ones. This will allow you to have more control over your store's content upgrades.

5. Finally select if you would like this upgrade to be shown on the product page or category archive pages.

6. Click on "Save upgrade".

After going through these steps you will be able to easily add in a content upgrade onto any product or page on your Shopify store. You can also add your content upgrades directly onto any product page by clicking "+Add text" at the top of the page when creating/editing a product.

Examples of different types of content upgrades

The following are a few examples of each type of content upgrade and how you may want to use them in your store.

Text Content Upgrades:  

How to style your text content upgrades: Although the default layout is as follows, there are several different ways that you can customize this to fit your brand. You can choose from different font options and size options to edit the look of the text content upgrade to fit your style.

Image Content Upgrades:  

How to style your image content upgrades: There are several different ways you can add in an image to one of these opportunities. For example, you could add a background behind the images or items featured. You can also change the overlay color that is shown over the image.

Videos :

How to style your video content upgrades: Here you will want to select whether you want your video thumbnails to be displayed on your product page or just in a carousel slider at the top of the page. You can also edit each thumbnail so that it includes either an image or a title. By adding these two things you will be able to guide your audience and keep them engaged and interested in what your video has to offer!

Apps :

How to style your app content upgrades: These are the last item on our list, but they're definitely not the least important. Since apps connect directly with Shopify, you can add in apps that are directly related to your store. Some great examples of this would be reviews, reviews, or even reviews!

Why you should use them for your store?

Content upgrades are an easily accessible, affordable way to increase conversions for any Shopify store. By using content upgrades you will be able to highlight the benefits of your products and also show more detailed information about what your products can do. This will allow your customers to learn more about your products and ultimately purchase them!

How to set up the feature in Shopify?

To begin using content upgrades, go to your Shopify dashboard and click on the "Content" button on the left-hand side of the screen.

Once you have selected this option, scroll down until you see "Premium Content" and then expand that section. This will keep all of your premium content and give you access to editing and removing each item.

Now that you have clicked on "Premium Content" expand the section to reveal each of your available upgrades. After going through these steps you will be able to easily add in a content upgrade onto any product or page on your Shopify store. If at any time, you would like to make changes to an existing content upgrade or remove it completely, you can click directly on the item in this section.

From here you will be able to change what type of upgrade it is or its position on your Shopify store. You can also edit the name of each piece of content and select whether you would like it to appear on all pages/products or just specific ones. Keep in mind that these need to be unique for each of your stores, so it will appear once per store on one type of upgrade.

You can also add multiple images, titles, and descriptions for each content upgrade! This is extremely useful when you are looking to show different text options on products or pages. If at any point you would like help with this process, your Shopify administrator can help you!

Shopify content upgrades are easy to set up and can be used on any type of product or page. By using these types of content upgrades you will be able to increase conversions for your store by highlighting the benefits of each item. This tool can also be easily customized to fit with your existing store design.

With content upgrades, you can take your customers on a journey to help them find the perfect product. If you’re just getting started with Shopify and want to create an engaging store that will drive sales for years to come, we’ve got what you need. We know how overwhelming it can be when starting out with any new software or platform so we offer personalized consultations and training sessions at no cost. Contact us today for more information!

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