Generate Sales Out Of The 98% Off Traffic That Doesn't Initially Convert.
The average conversion rate of e-commerce stores is just 2%. Generate sales on the traffics that doesn't initially convert. Easily add subscribers to your lists with gamified email popups that let them win prizes!

Increase leads/sales
Improve Visitor Engagement
Boost Conversions
Create a sense of winning a prize, gamified pop-up subscribers are three times as likely to use their coupon code over coupon codes that are simply given without any gamification.
FreshPop enables the power of gamification to your website to dramatically increase visitor engagement and customer loyalty. Our website pop ups create a is a win, win for you and your visitors.
On average gamified Email pop-ups increases conversions rates by over 6 times that of normal popups.
Features that help you grow
Boost on-site customer engagement with a sense of win-win!
Not all your website visitors will become customers. Using best pop ups, you capture their interest immediately, creating a fun and easy way for them to win prizes and coupons.

The feeling of winning a discount coupon instead of it simply being handed over, create a positive win-win feeling and encourages them to make use of their coupon to make a purchase!
Customize your email popups with an easy-to-use editor. Add your brand colors and text, create exclusive coupons and make them your own.
This is the one lead capture pop up tool you’ve been looking for!
Create your own pop-up games
Grow your subscriber list and manage all leads with ease.
Integrate with one of the 11 email platforms so you can save all your subscribers in the apps you love.

Turn more subscribers into customers in no time with pop up software. Track and analyse your results with our easy to use analytics dashboard or use our export feature to export all your subscribers to a file.

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